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I love being a simple woman who loves to gather at the table with friends and family, enjoying the time together with many delicious food and drinks.


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How can we have drinks without desserts on a staycation! Calamansi cake and lime meringue tart @ Hilton Hotel Singapore

Champagne on our first staycation!

Glutinous rice balls represents reunion during winter solstice festival.

Awesome giantor ferrero rocher! Yummy!

Homecook Stirfry scallops and celery in sambal chili.

Homecook braised chinese pork belly!

Taiwanese style braised beef brisket and beef tendon noodles @ LeNu Beef Noodles Restaurant, Vivocity Singapore

Taiwanese style tofu with century egg @ LeNu beef noodles restaurant, Vivocity Singapore

Homecook food! Chicken fricassee, cream spinach and roast baby potatoes!

Homemade lemon madeleines!

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